Sensitization in Systemic Thinking

Scientific Coordinator: Georgos Gournas, MD, ECP.
Supervisors-Consultants Sophia Athanasiadou, Georgos Gournas, Nikos Kizilos, Dimitra Kottorou, Mina Polemi-Todoulou, Kyriaki Polychroni, Petros Polychronis, Dionysis Sakkas – all ECP certifiedand – along with assistant trainers and small group coordinators from the currently running Group Process Training program.
Duration: 2 years, 64 weekly meetings, 2.5 hours each



The seminar «Sensitization in Systemic Thinking» constitutes the basis for the training process of the Athenian Institute of Anthropos (AKMA). It is an experiential workshop that utilizes the involvement and contribution of its members in the small and large group, which consists the main "tool" of the training process.

It explores: The human being as a bio-psycho-socio-economic-cultural system, his/her relations to the groups in which he/she is a part of, the dynamic of the couple, of the family and of the occupational groups, along with the study of the broader social context, the changes and their impact on all living systems.


The study of the human being and his/her groups (family, professional and the broader social- cultural- economic system), within the context of social change and globalization, following the Multilevel-Multifocal, Systemic-Dialectic Approach, as developed in the long course of the Institute (AKMA).


Acquired skills:

The purpose of this seminar is the sensitization of modern person within the context of the rapid changes that characterize today's society, the development of new roles and skills required for better utilization of human resources, more functional communication and management of the complexity and the challenges, the effects of which we experience in our personal as well as in our professional lives


To whom it is addressed:

Scientists working with “Anthropos” and his/her groups (psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, social scientists, educators…)


Educational Prerequisites:

Relevant university degree (psychology, medicine, education etc.) or relevant technological institution’s degree (social worker, sociologist etc). It is also addressed to professionals who, after long-term experience and special training they are acknowledged consultants or counseling specialists.


for more information about the program you can contact ΑΚΜΑ center here

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